Review: Frey Ranch Bourbon From Nevada

I’m a skeptic. If I see a fancy bottle/label I want to know what it is, but I also am fully aware of marketing and that “visually appealing” does not equate to “quality.” So when I finally got a bottle of Frey Ranch into my hands and saw some of the more visually appealing elements: […]

Review: Wheel Horse Bourbon

Please note that this was a sample provided to us in exchange for an honest review and that in no way does that influence my opinions. Wheel Horse Bourbon is a new to market, sourced, Kentucky Straight Bourbon from Latitude Beverage Co in partnership with Owensboro Distilling Company (formerly O.Z. Tyler Distillery). Unfortunately, the team […]

Woodford Baccarat Review

Formerly only available in travel retail (duty-free) stores, Woodford Reserve’s most expensive product released to date is the Woodford Baccarat edition. It’s a 7-year old bourbon which is then finished an additional three years in X.O. Cognac casks.  from varying houses. Unfortunately since Woodford goes through a broker, we don’t know from what house exactly. […]