Beginner’s Guide to Whiskey

About the book


The concept for this book is actually fairly simple. First, let me state that I realize there are many other beginner whisk(e)y guides out on the market already, and all of them are excellent! My goal and intention was to make a book that is approachable and relatable for a whisk(e)y novice but also held some hopefully new information for someone who is more intermediate in their whisk(e)y journey.



Sam Green

Whiskey Sommelier and Bourbon Steward

Sam Green is a certified Bourbon Steward and a second-degree Whiskey sommelier based in Los Angeles, California. His journey into the realm of whiskey and spirits started at the age of 22, and since then he has quickly taken his love of whiskey to new heights. His  rapid ascent can be traced back to the same reason why he entered the spirits industry in the first place: a passion for and a bottomless curiosity about whiskey. He hosts private tasting all throughout the world and brings his boundless desire to learn and share whiskey with him wherever he goes.

In addition to author Beginner’s Guide to Whiskey, Green is a contributing author at Bevvy where he writes about whisk(e)y and spirits.